Seven Seeds of Summer

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Seven Seeds of Summer is a young adult fiction about an American art college student, Summer. Summer is an awkward introvert who doesn’t really have any friends and seems to prefer it that way. Summer’s passion is painting; I love the author’s descriptions of Summer painting, I love the way Summer feels the colours; I feel the author must love to paint too.

The story follows Summer from the start of her summer break from college. Her mother, who she is clearly not close to, collects her from college to bring her home. All Summer wants to do is paint and living by the coast she has beautiful scenery to inspire her. Summers parents work in archeology, specialising in ancient Greece and mythology; right from the beginning of the story we are introduced to ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. Her mother loves them all except Hades, the God of the underworld, but it Hades who Summer loves and paints her version of him all the time. It begs the question ‘does Summer love this God to annoy her mother?’ but then the story unfolds to show us the reason she paints him all the time.

The reader is brought to an interesting turn in the tale when Hades, the God of the underworld, shows up and wants to take Summer to his kingdom. The story then becomes quite eventful with Summer having to move to Greece, a tragic event occurs (I wont spoil) and Summer finds herself fighting with a past life.

I find the viewpoint of Summer’s past life interesting, it is described in the story as two different people within one person. I have not read of past lives from this point before and the author puts across an interesting perspective.

Summer is fearful of Hades to start with, I mean he’s the God of the underworld you would be right? She tries to fight him and escape a couple of times but she becomes consumed with past life memories surfacing, initiating feelings for the God of death.

I love a story that spikes my interest in a subject I have not looked into before and this book made me want to know more about Greek mythology. I have a bit of a love / hate view of Summer; her teenage angst and inexperience was well described in the authors words without the author actually telling but she often felt like a damsel in distress even when she was trying to escape. It had a ‘Rapunzel trapped in the tower’ kind of feel to it. Hades comes across as an abusive, controlling boyfriend but as a God of death would he be a nice man? I don’t know anything of Greek mythology so don’t know how the God is portrayed but I didn’t like him very much in this story.

There were chapters that I loved and thought the descriptions of memories merging, paintings being painted in the mind, the inexperience of a young girl were beautiful and capturing but there were other chapters where I felt the story didn’t flow as well as other parts. I was a little bored when she was first with Hades in Greece and the leaving Hades chapter had a Beauty and the Beast feel to it ‘if you love her then let her go’ kind of thing, but who doesn’t love a fairy tale right? Also there were quite a few typos throughout the book.

I enjoyed the ending, Summer finally turns into a bad ass and you’ve got to love a strong female ending.

Overall I rate the story 3 out of 5

Author – Chantal Gadoury

Can you love me like this?” he whispered into her golden hair and her laugh echoed throughout the dark hollows of the cave like bells. My stomach churned as her laugh echoed throughout my body. I hated her. The way she held him, the way she wasn’t afraid of the dark, the way she was perfect.

“Drink this…” the voice appeared again, and the dark caves were gone. A women stood silently, extending a cup in her hand with an evil grin. The golden goddess took the sup and began to drink the deep red liquid. I could feel it falling past my lips. It was sweet and familiar. Pomegranante. It was gone as soon as it had appeared. The women was gone, the taste was gone and I was left with nothing but the night. I felt hands on my shoulders, shaking me back and forth. It was almost like I was under water, and I couldn’t catch my breath.’

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